"Keith Drake's AMAZING ETCHINGS" custom Etch A Sketch® art can be made permanent for you to enjoy for many years and are available for purchase. Collector pieces start at $300.00 plus NJ Sales Tax and shipping and handling. More complex images higher. REMEMBER, THIS IS CUSTOM ONE-OF-A-KIND ART IN ONE OF THE MOST UNUSUAL MEDIUMS YOU'LL EVER SEE! Contact me at keith@wanderline.com using the link below and tell me what image you are interested in having etched and confirm pricing. I will gladly accept .jpg images of your subject for reference via e-mail, but reserve the right to refuse an image for any reason. When your subject has been agreed upon, I will e-mail a .jpg proof file to you in 1-2 weeks for approval. Upon your approval, print, read and sign my disclaimer. Click on the disclaimer link below. When you have read and signed the disclaimer contact Keith by e-mail at:

Contact me at keith@wanderline.com

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Or call 908-754-2524 with credit card information if you would like to charge your purchase. Upon receipt of payment or credit card information your custom etching will be made into permanent art (emptied and knobs locked ) and shipped ready for hanging or easel display via FedEx Express. Thank you for considering ordering a “SilverLinings” amazing etching. There's nothing quite like it! Really!

You Can Own Your Own and Amaze Everyone!

Instructions for payment will be given and upon receipt of payment your etching will be made into a permanent work of art (excess contents emptied and knobs locked) ready for hanging or easel display and shipped to you by FedEx or comparable shipper. Thanks for considering "Keith Drake's AMAZING ETCHINGS". There's nothing quite like them! Really!
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